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Danny Ocean at The Kennedy Center

USA for UNHCR is excited to welcome Danny Ocean at The Kennedy Center for an uplifting musical performance to celebrate World Refugee Day.

Dear Refugee Allies,  

Venezuela is a country that, in previous years, was a generous host to refugees but is now facing one of the largest displacement crises in the world. Approximately 6.1 million Venezuelans are displaced globally and are in need of international protection and humanitarian assistance.  

Recently I travelled to Colombia, which hosts the third-largest number of refugees in the world and has become an important lifeline for Venezuelans seeking safety. During my visit, I witnessed the strength and resilience of the Venezuelan refugee community and the power of the inclusivity in Colombia. Colombia has welcomed Venezuelans and includes them in education and livelihood programs. These measures not only benefit displaced Venezuelans, but they also benefit host communities.  

Thank you for your continued support of refugees from Venezuela and worldwide.  Please enjoy the music and art featured below and learn about how you can get more involved.  

With gratitude, 

Suzanne Ehlers 

Executive Director and CEO  

Danny Ocean at The Kennedy Center

This World Refugee Day, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, in collaboration with The Kennedy Center, presents Danny Ocean—Venezuelan singer, refugee advocate and UNHCR high profile supporter. Danny Ocean uses his music to uplift minds and spirits and to call for greater solidarity with refugees and displaced people forced to flee violence and persecution

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Learn More

Venezuela is facing one of the largest displacement crises in the world. 6.1 million Venezuelans are displaced globallyand about 97% of displaced Venezuelans currently reside in Latin America and the Caribbean. Read USA for UNHCR’s explainer to learn more about this crisis. 

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Sponsor a Refugee

U.S. citizens can apply to sponsor a refugee or refugee family from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela and help them rebuild their lives in safety. Learn more about how you can sponsor refugees or refugee families.

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Read a Children’s Book

“The Lady & The Fool” by Armando Lossada, a young Venezuelan refugee, is a captivating tale about friendship that encourages children to appreciate different perspectives, embrace imperfections and cherish the journey of growth and learning.

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Send a Welcome Message

Families who have fled Venezuela are rebuilding their lives in communities across the U.S. Send them a message to welcome them to their new homes. 

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View an Art Collection

More than 50 Latin American artists have contributed to UNHCR’s art initiative, RefugiArte, to help raise awareness for the protection needs of refugees and internally displaced persons affected by violence, discrimination and intolerance in the world. View art by Venezuelan and other Latin American artists.

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Meet a Venezuelan Chef

Jonaideys Gutierrez is a Venezuelan Student-Chef at Emma’s Torch, a non-profit that provides refugees with culinary training, employment opportunities and empowerment training. Learn more about Jonaideys and her recipe for Venezuelan arepas.